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11-11-2012, 10:26 PM
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Don't want heatley's caphit or Phaneuf's, instantly being the highest paid on the team. I'm not into T.O.'s mid-level or risk-reward prospects. Kadri is iffy, Colborne seems like a big, soft floater. I want a big-time prospect or player, even if we have to add something valuable. Luongo as the main piece should be able to get that done. If T.O. won't talk JVR, or Gardiner, or Rielly, or at least the 1st... then I'm shopping Luongo elsewhere, Luongo-plus if it has to be, as long as we get a very good player or blue-chipper. Otherwise, I don't see anything else from T.O. helping more than marginally now, or in the future.... just dumping Luongo for scraps.

I don't want Bozak. A temporary replacement for an injured player, when we have a solid 2-way Shroeder ready for a call-up? No thanks. I'm not convinced Kulemin is the 30 goal-scorer... I'd say more like a 15-20, or less depending on ice-time on a deep team like Van. For a star goalie? no thanks.

No to MacArthur and no to Franson.

Is it coincidence that T.O's "untouchables" are the only pieces Gillis likely has any real interest in? We have every right ask for them. What in the hell makes Finn any more valuable than Corrado right now? Not a damn thing!

Are we offering other teams Corrado, Raymond and a 2nd for their star players, or calling Corrado untoucheable? T.O. fans have no clue, they are most likely Van haters anyway. Luongo is worth much more than the crap they are offering up, and the crap some of the Canucks fans are agreeing to in some of these threads.

Worst case scenario, we keep Luongo longer, and trade Schnieder or Luongo when the time is right... T.O. isn't the only team. BS Florida has no interest. Say whatever they want, he's had injury troubles, he is anything but proven, and goalies are much trickier to read, he could completely bust while Luongo goes on to the HHOF.

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