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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
revenue sharing? as long as it's fair.

Now will ANYBODY explain to why part of MY money is paying for cheap tickets
and free beer and free food to a Yotes fan because the NHL has rev-sharing????????? At the very least. The NHL should set the price of tickets and every club charges the same. WOW would that prove that some teams are in the wrong place. When the CDN dollar was at .60 of the US dollar this might have worked BUT NOT NOW and NEVER AGAIN.
As it stands NOW it is very close to theft or fraud against the Hab fan.
ALL the Canadian teams make money. the arena's are FULL at HIGH PRICE.
So... instead of Montreal charging you market rate (which means as much as fans are willing to pay), and pocketing all the profits, and watching them play a bunch of crappy farm teams with zero talent. You'd rather that, then them charging the exact same price for tickets, and get to watch a bunch of quality games with a bunch of teams whom all have some talent.

Asking everyone to support their team to the same extent Canadian fans do, is a script to losing 1/3rd or more of the league. Because outside of Canada, and a few select teams in the US, most cannot compete with Canada.

Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
Ticket prices are based on supply and demand.

I have no problems paying $150 for mediocre tickets to watch the maple leafs, AS LONG AS THE MONEY ALL GOES TO THE MAPLE LEAFS!!!!
But me paying $150 for mediocre tickets and then some of it goes to help my DIRECT COMPETITION???? Unacceptable. Utterly unacceptable. I'm essentially paying more money for my tickets so that fans in Phoenix and Floriday can spend $30 for theirs.
It's not fair!!!

What is a much fairer solution FOR THE FANS?
Life isn't fair. The product you're watching isn't a public thing. These teams are part of a private league that can set whatever rules they want. If those rules mean that teams have to put up 250m in RS, then so be it.

Why would you want to see your team still charge as much as possible, yet watch crappier opponents, and thus receive less value for your dollar?

I've been looking for trouble... but trouble hasn't been cooperating!

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