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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
i think this was likely just a turn of phrase, but do you (or anyone) know what their relationship was/is? did they know each other prior to this? how? was it beasley who originally brought in hocking? if i had to pick two characters most responsible for all of this, it would be these two ... the guy pushing the agenda and the guy who cooked the books to back him up. councilors were just dupes.
I don't know how long an association they might have had, but Hocking was on a $7000 per month retainer with the COG, which must have been arranged by Beasley as City Manager. That seems like a rather cushy gig for someone like Hocking.

Originally Posted by Thomas L View Post
I'll say. I thought I was through watching COG meetings.
I wouldn't bet the farm that the new lease even makes it to the council meeting at the end of November. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets derailed before then. If the Jamison lease does make it onto the agenda, it could be a very entertaining meeting. Imagine the scenario of an incoming mayor or council member getting up in open session and criticizing the acting City Manager and the deal he has cooked up. It could very well happen. I'd also love to see Jamison stonewall the citizens and city council about the identity of the prospective owners, as he did last time. It is absolutely hilarious that a city council might again sanction a $320 million subsidy deal to an unknown party of investors.

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