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11-11-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
So... instead of Montreal charging you market rate (which means as much as fans are willing to pay), and pocketing all the profits, and watching them play a bunch of crappy farm teams with zero talent. You'd rather that, then them charging the exact same price for tickets, and get to watch a bunch of quality games with a bunch of teams whom all have some talent.

Asking everyone to support their team to the same extent Canadian fans do, is a script to losing 1/3rd or more of the league. Because outside of Canada, and a few select teams in the US, most cannot compete with Canada.
Instead of revenue sharing, the millionaire players should just take a substantially smaller piece of the pie.

Then the poor teams have no need of revenue sharing, and fans of rich teams don't have to pay inflated prices for tickets to subsidize poor teams.

But then... (oh, the horror)... the players would only be able to afford four mansions, as opposed to five.

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