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Originally Posted by Matrix20027 View Post
1. Casselman ( money buys players will always be on top)
2. Winchester ( don't count them out )
3. Char Lan ( if they can keep it together )
4. Morrisburg ( have talent need to get it together soon )
5. Akwesasne ( need help on back end )
6. Alexandia ( young team will be better next year)

I think Char Lan is falling apart. When they picked up a D man in October they were 7 and 1 and ever since they are 3 and 7. Rumours of players being traded have open up a can of worms. Morrisburg playing with a very short bench and are in need of some players if they want to make the playoffs. Winchester will make the playoffs very strong on D.
Having seen a lot of St-Lawrence games, there are some things i agree with and disagree with.

Winchester 2nd? possible. but they would have to change a lot of things quickly. I dont think they'll stay in 5th spot, but i certainly dont think they ll end 2nd.

Char lan is starting to struggle and will have to prove that they can maintain what they started.

Morrisburg 4th? Yes they have the talent, but that will not happen.

Akwesasne does not need help on the back end in my opinion, they have shut down brockville and char lan this week and have performed well in that aspect of the games ive seen, and they have forwards who can score

I agree about Alexandria, hopefully for them, they might be good next year with all the young guys they have

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