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11-11-2012, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
Well another season done.

I hope there are few players done and one coach gone. Disgusted with what occurred today. Reed should be ashamed of himself and there a few players that I hope I never see in an Eskimo uniform again.

I don't mind getting beat but getting spanked it just goes to show everyone that our 2-8 record going into this game was not bad luck on our part, just a bad football team from management right down to our coach.

I am so tired of defending this team and I tried to stay positive but when you get blown out like that, meh, we are just bad.

Sorry Replacement, too disgused to find one positive in this one. And for all of the guys I defended on the team, go ahead and bash me, I deserve it.

nah. There were a few people who coming into this game seemed to view it through fan goggles instead of being realistic, but no need to really get on your guys for it.

I'd rather curse how bad of a coach reed is.
guymez and anyone else who mentioned reed is clueless to the pulse and flow of a football game had it right. he may be a nice fellow and a smart fellow but he has no coaching instincts.

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