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11-12-2012, 12:01 AM
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From the same article:

"The issue of finding a way to pay players with existing contracts in full under a lower salary cap — or settling on a “make whole” provision, in the language of the negotiations — had been a stumbling block in previous weeks. But by Sunday, the two sides were $2 million to $3 million apart per team, per year, an amount the delegate described as “within spitting distance.”

The league and union are even closer to agreement on revenue sharing among clubs, with a plan described as basically done except for administrative details. The system will be significantly expanded compared with the N.H.L.’s current system, with more teams qualifying for revenue sharing and more money distributed. "

This is extremely good news. The only major issues remaining, according to the article, are those related to the nature of individual contracts (length, UFA age, etc). These are much more impactful on players careers than the revenue split, but Fehr should not have left them for last, IMO. There is no way the PA could justify sacrificing an entire season for this one issue and Bettman is holding pretty firm on it.
All in all I am pretty hopeful that a resolution is near and very pleased at the potential impact the new CBA will have on our franchise.

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