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Originally Posted by LPHabsFan View Post
You are correct. Now let's play a game called, what does the IIHF, NHL, Hockey Canada and Hockey USA do as a response to the KHL/Russian Federation cancelling the MOU and letting players play with current NHL contracts?

What happens to Olympic participation? What happens to WC participation? What happens to the IIHF making millions off having the WJHC in Canada/Northern US? What happens in International Law?
Nada. Nothing.

Perhaps the IIHF could ban the players from international competition, but I doubt they'd have the guts to do that. Ban Ovechkin from the Olympics in Russia? Oh yeah, that's going to go down well.

International law? What, is Bettman going to go to the UN?

What is Hockey Canada and Hockey USA going to do? As far as I can tell, they don't have anything to do with whether a Russian player honors his contract or not.

And if the NHL could do something about it, they would. Absent a transfer agreement, they have nothing.

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