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Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post
Yes I have.

Crosby has already surpassed Sakic IMO peak wise. Crosby's first 7 years in the league is one of the most dominant in NHL history and far superior than Sakic's. At this point, I'd rather have an 09 or even 07 Crosby than Sakic at any point of his career.

Forsberg over Malkin lol what a joke. Malkin blows him away in trophy accolades and he is only 6 yrs into his career.
Doubt that.
Points aren't everything, at all. And the only reason Malkin has more trophies is because he doesn't have near the competition that Forsberg had, also his health issues. Malkin takes games off here and there, something Forsberg wasn't known for.

EDIT: Comparing first 6 years of Crosby's season vs Sakic's is:

572 points in 413 games for Crosby.
566 points in 460 games for Sakic.

Not really "far superior" to Sakic.

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