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Originally Posted by Ski View Post
Any of you catch this info?? Today's NYPost

For this from an individual in the room for Friday’s negotiating sessions and confirmed word-for-word by Slap Shots by a source across the aisle:

“Near the end of the meeting, Don [Fehr] said to Gary [Bettman]: ‘Let me get this straight. Even if the players agree to every single component of the league’s economic plan, we still don’t have a deal unless we also agree to every one of your proposed changes to player contract rights?’ ”

To which, both of our sources reported, “Gary said: ‘Yes.’”

And further down;
Every core component of every league CBA proposal this time around is meant to restrict the players’ rights to choose.

What the league is proposing — no, what the league is demanding — is that the players accept the most restrictive system in pro sports.

In all honesty, when I saw 'Larry Brooks' on the page tab, I closed it right away...

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