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11-11-2012, 11:10 PM
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Well that was a complete CF. i like Reed and wanted to see if he could call a good game without the the shadow of ET over him but he just made the dunmb decisions he has made all year. The rest of the coaching staff is no better.

1) Starting KJ was the first mistake. He had 2 good games but has been useless besides that. For those 2 games I actually thought he might have more in him for 1 last hooray, but boy was I wrong. MN was starting to get some chemistry and was our best chance to win.
2) Nelson , rushing 4 against RR is suicide. You have to blitz RR early to get him off his game. once he gets in a comfort zone he will pick you apart.
3)KJ's shovel pass which a veteran QB should not have tried. The score was 14-7 at that point and we were 1st and 10 on the TO 24. Take the loss, we're still 2nd and long but well with FG range.
4) Kj should have come out after the It but even worse was the play calling. TO had all the momentem but we abanond the running game and decide that throwing hail marys was the way to get back into it.
5) As most evreyone predicated MN came in when the game was out of reach and was thrown to the lions.

Sorry to rehash a lot of points that have already been pointed out.

Rant over

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