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11-12-2012, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
Jamie Benn is possibly the most overrated player in hf history...

He's a 23 year old who just scored 60 points for the first time and people are saying there's no way he's traded for the #1 overall pick, the 19 year old scoring at over a point per game in the best active hockey league in the World. Yakupov has as many points as Ovechkin (the guy whose career low, 20 points lower than his next worse season, is still higher than Benn's career high) in one less game so far this KHL season. Now I'm not saying Yakupov = Ovechkin, I'm just putting things in perspective. Jamie Benn is scoring at roughly the same rate, only in the DEL in Germany, the 7th best league in Europe.

30/30 GMs would take Yakupov over Benn, guaranteed. Benn is a good player, don't get me wrong, but his value is not on the level of Nail Yakupov.
Im not going to argue which player is better, never really see the point when both play different styles, different line mates, different coaches... etc. Just wanted to point out that yeah his career high is 63 points in 71 games, but not sure if you have any idea who his line mates where for most of the season. He played alot with Ott and Burish/Wandell. He did play with Ryder and Eriksson too, but not enough lol. He was on the 2nd PP unit. I dont have the stat, but i think he was 3rd in points per ice time... something like that

Anyways im just saying dont judge him based on his points yet, and im also not saying he will lead the NHL in points either.

Look at his stats during Texas's playoff run in 09/10, he had 26 points in 24 games, and was a huge reason they went all the way to the finals. He was the leading scorer in the 08/09 Memorial Cup.

I think the part about 30 GM's taking Yak would probably be 15/15.... Yak will more then likely put up more points in the season, but Benn is big, hits and is the kind of player you want on your playoff team. I'd be happy with either though btw

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