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Originally Posted by JannikAtTheDisco View Post
i like to think i'm a fairly smart person and i do have a decent understanding of geometry and plate tectonics but could someone with maybe a bit more knowledge answer this:

could all these minor (well some not very minor) but fairly remotely located earthquakes along the BC coast possibly be taking a little tension off the JDF and NA plates and slightly reducing the chance of a mega 9.0-10.0 earthquake hitting soon?

or do i just sound like an idiot...
I'm guessing you meant geology and that was just a freudian slip.

In any case, yes, that is the prevailing theory right now. However, (and this is just me as an undergrad geog. student musing) I am wondering if these 3 big EQ's on the east frontier of the Ring of Fire are leading to something. Guatemala, Haida Gwaii, and Vancouver Island.

Plus there was that pretty large one in Burma just yesterday or today, but that is (from what I gather) not a ring of fire event.

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