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11-11-2012, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by mstad101 View Post
Lets he honest here, the Sharks played like **** against Vancouver in that series and was carried by a one shouldered Big Joe. Their goaltending collapsed when they needed him most and the whole team decided to try and play the Bruins style against us. After Raff destroyed JT and his shoulder near hung off his body, the Sharks were no hope for the depth and speed of the Nucks.
I think in anothe series without Raff, the Sharks have a true chance, especially having Burns take pressure off Boyle.
Oh, you're right (besides forgetting that Marleau was easily the best Shark in that series). Marleau and a one-armed Thornton were the only guys who showed up in that series. Torres was a huge pain in our ass again (referring to the Michalek hit in 06), and the entire second line (Clowe-Couture-Heatley) were falling apart with injury, as well as Boyle. Plus the absolutely idiotic coaching decision to playin Niclas FRAKKING Wallin over a slightly injured Jason Demers (who Mike Babcock called our best defenseman in the previous series).

In no way did the Sharks deserve to win that series, with the poor play all the injuries that they had resulted in.

But back on topic, I honestly don't see a scenario where Edler doesn't re-sign with the Canucks.

Originally Posted by Taelin View Post
We're different people, surely you can see that.
Oh, come off it. I'm talking about Canucks fans (and every other fanbase at large). If it suits them, they blame injuries, if it doesn't, they claim injuries aren't a valid excuse.

Well excuse me, but I think that injuries are a completely valid "excuse" for why a team doesn't win. It's hard to win when your players can't use their body like usual. Injuries don't mean that a player doesn't play like **** (ie Kesler last year), but it does explain why and give the idea that they are better than that outing showed.

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