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Originally Posted by CRDragon View Post
Japan has a lot of earthquakes...(fairly large ones) every year.

It didn't seem to have an effect of lowering the magnitude of the catastrophic one they had a year ago...

So it seems that it doesnt work that way...
You raise a good point, however IIRC the Pacific plate is moving to the east so ... well, this graphic will explain better than my words will.

So, both the North American plate and Pacific plate are moving west. Meanwhile, the Juan De Fuca plate (not shown on that map as it is relatively small) is jamming into and under the NA plate.

In Japan's case, the Eurasian plate and Pacific plate are ramming into each other, which is a huge reason Japan exists. On the whole, there is generally more action on that side of the pacific.

I am open to corrections, but such is my understandings.

A useful link:

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