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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
Actually, 2 in the past 4 years, and soon to be 3 in 5 years, if Bure's number is indeed being retired. And like it's been mentioned, if the likes of Naslund and Bure will have their jerseys retired, then it's a given that the Sedin twins will also have their numbers retired.
Ahh, I get it. One minute you are discussing the franchise's history, the next you are cherry picking a small sample. Bure's jersey is going up a decade after his retirement. But I'll play along. Lets say Sedins go up in ~5 years. That's 6 in roughly 50 years. Big deal. And one of those numbers is 33, not all that common. While it's perfectly understandable that fans may disagree with some/all of the retirements, I can't imagine the loss of numbers really concerns anyone not afflicted with Asperger's or something similar. Some friendly advice, let it go. Now if you do have Asperger's, can you help me with some calculus homework?

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