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Originally Posted by LPHabsFan View Post
There's already an entire thread on this that was filled with much more intelligent and reasoned responses. However it seems as if bigger picture thinking might be lacking in this post.

The IIHF will face untold pressure from the NHL to suspend these players from International competition. Keep in mind that it's not a given that NHL players will attend as it's up for negotiation. I'd be shocked if there wasn't a provision put into the new CBA that NHL players can go provided NHL contracts are honored. I don't know how it would be worded but I'm sure it will be in there. And while the Russian Federation only has an MOU with the NHL, I'm fairly certain there are transfer agreements between the NHL and other national federations. Might get a little dicey if the NHL refuses to let all the other countries players from going.

And if you don't think that the NHL has a lot of influence within Hockey Canada and Hockey USA.....They can threaten to only hold the WJHC if Russia is not allowed to play. There are several things they can do if they choose to. Depends how much pressure there would be.

And the internation law comment is simply juvenile. I will admit that I don't know much about it however I do know it's not a simple situation.
You clearly don't know much about it. It is a simple situation. There is no international law covering contracts. There are things like trade agreements, but that certainly wouldn't apply here.

The NHL could argue that it breaks Russian law and would have to sue the KHL in Russian courts. Good luck with that. Of course, they could also sue in US court. They probably win. Win what? Nothing. They'd have zero ability to enforce.

If Hockey Canada or Hockey USA boycotted international play because a Russian didn't honor his contract with an NHL team.. well... haha, nope, not going to happen. World doesn't work that way, sorry. Those associations aren't there to solve contract disputes between professional leagues. They are there to further the sport of hockey in their respective countries, not be puppets for the NHL.

The IIHF might get snippy, and precedent says that they should ban the player from international play. But with the Olympics coming up in Russia, and the NHL always being wishy washy about participation.. I'd bet that this one doesn't go the NHL's way.

I find it funny that you claim to have been engaging in intelligent discussion elsewhere but admit that you don't actually know what you're talking about re: international law. Maybe stick to what you know when you're making arguments, huh?

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