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11-12-2012, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
You say the words, but do you grasp what you are saying?

To solve the problem of big revenue teams being forced to share some of their new profits that have come about because the cap has forced them to spend millions less on salaries than they otherwise would, you are proposing giving the billionaires a larger slice of the pie? To save you from the indignity of seeing your teams owners share their revenues with other owners? Not because you will get cheaper prices?

You pay more than other cities because of demand in your city. You pay the price to see NHL hockey. How the owners share that money amongst themselves shouldnt bother you.

Perhaps you would like a system where fans can pay whatever they like for tickets. The more they spend, the more their owners would have to spend on players.
Supply and demand is what the scalpers sell tickets at. Substantially more money.
Leafs tickets sell out in nano-seconds.
It's very very very clear that the leafs could sell there tickets for A LOT more money.

And now that they're going to have to pay almost $20 million more in revenue sharing, I guess that's precisely what they'll do.
Thanks nhlpa.
Way to look out for the fans.

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