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11-12-2012, 12:51 AM
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Sunday Night Slaughter! 11/11/12

Note: Every SNS is told from a fan's perspective. Let's call him Nathaniel Mulder.

Submitted by CPrice and CrimsonSkorpian

*HFWF opening video package plays*


The fans go insane as the pyro stops and the cameras do wide angle shots and show different parts of the crowd. No cut to the announcers as suddenly...

"Crimson Thunder" hits and CrimsonSkorpion walks out to a HUGE pop from the fans. CrimsonSkorpion walks down to the ring wearing a dress shirt and dark jeans. CrimsonSkorpion climbs up the steel steps and picks the microphone up off the top of the steel steps. CrimsonSkorpion enters the ring through the bottom rope and looks into the crowd with a smile on his face.

The music stops and CrimsonSkorpion paces back and forth in the ring with a smirk on his face. CrimsonSkorpion soaks in the massive reaction from the fans.

CrimsonSkorpion: Well, last week surely was interesting!

The fans go insane as CrimsonSkorpion chuckles in the ring.

CrimsonSkorpion: Let's refresh everyone's minds here. Last week, the show opened with CPrice in the ring flapping his gums about me, as usual, and then him challenging me to a match at Redemption, which I accepted.

The fans go absolutely insane, but then sour and chant "CPrice sucks!" as CrimsonSkorpion nods along with the chants.

CrimsonSkorpion: So, CPrice being the "man" that he is, then had his Revolution cronies run down and attempt a beat down. Little did he know I had a plan in my back pocket, and it consisted of the number one contender ColePens, iRep and Marf to show the Revolution that they're not the only group around here and they're in for a war!

The fans go insane as CrimsonSkorpion smirks.

CrimsonSkorpion: Later that night, we tore them down some more. See backstage, ColePens, iRep, Marf and RWO are all backstage in the locker room together... and ColePens STILL has the HFWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans go absolutely crazy.

CrimsonSkorpion: And if you don't remember how he got that championship...well take a look.

*Highlight video of what happened last week when the new group consisting of CrimsonSkorpion, ColePens, iRep, Marf and RWO taking the championship from StraightEdge and driving off in a limo*

The fans pop as we cut back live. Before CrimsonSkorpion can speak...

"Coming Home" hits and CPrice walks out to a HUGE amount of heat from the fans! CPrice doesn't even pose on the ramp as he walks straight down to the ring wearing a leather jacket and jeans. CPrice marches down to the ring with purpose as he enters the ring and grabs a microphone from the timekeeper.

CPrice looks at CrimsonSkorpion as he leans against the ropes and shakes his head.

CPrice: What you did last week was NOTHING but criminal activity, and I should have you arrested!

The fans boo as CrimsonSkorpion fakes being sad.

CPrice: But I'm not going to do that! That'd be YOUR easy way out! That'd be YOUR easy way out of the beating I'm going to hand to you at Redemption!

The fans boo as CrimsonSkorpion gets serious and looks on in disgust.

CPrice: Last Sunday when you did what you did, leading those inbreds in your theft, you did exactly what you wanted to accomplish! YOU STARTED A WAR!

The fans pop as CPrice continues staring at CrimsonSkorpion.

CPrice: Last week, I issued a challenge on twitter to you to make our match at Redemption a WAR. I challenged you to a HARDCORE MATCH!

The fans go insane cutting off CPrice.

CPrice: Yeah, a HARDCORE match! And you said you'd answer on Sunday Night Slaughter, so here we are! Sunday Night Slaughter, it's been one week since I issued the challenge and I'm going to issue the challenge again!

The fans pop as CPrice gets closer in CrimsonSkorpion's face.

CPrice: YOU WANT A WAR, CRIMSONSKORPION? You stupid son of a *****, you and me, one-on-one at Redemption... IN A HARDCORE MATCH! WHAT DO YOU SAY?

The fans go insane as CrimsonSkorpion doesn't hesitate and lifts the microphone up to his face.

CrimsonSkorpion: I ACCEPT!

The fans go bat**** insane as CPrice smirks and nods. The cameras zoom out and the arena is shaking at the reaction to the Hardcore Match at Redemption between CPrice and CrimsonSkorpion. CrimsonSkorpion slowly backs away, but then stops. CrimsonSkorpion extends his hand as a sign of respect to CPrice, and the fans give a very mixed reaction as CPrice looks on in confusion. Before CPrice can even react...

The fans POP BIG as the cameras show SHEAMUSFAN walking out!

Announcer: IT'S THE BOSS!

SheamusFan enters the ring with a microphone in hand as the fans are bowing down to him with their arms. CPrice and CrimsonSkorpion look on in confusion.

SheamusFan: Hardcore match at Redemption? You know what? CPrice, you want it! CrimsonSkorpion, you want it! The fans want it, and more importantly... I WANT IT! THAT MATCH IS ON!

The fans go absolutely insane as SheamusFan remains calm and looks at CPrice and CrimsonSkorpion.

SheamusFan: But now look at me you two CRIMINALS!

The fans boo as both look at SheamusFan with a confused look on their faces.

SheamusFan: I'm not going to have you two idiots running around on my show and causing mayhem wherever you see fit, you understand me!? There's a new stipulation in this rivalry you two have! I'm sick and tired of CPrice leading The Revolution to ASSAULTING members of my roster, and I'm sick and tired of CrimsonSkorpion leading a group of his own into THEFT of the HFWF Championship from the champion!

The fans give a mixed reaction, not sure how to react to SheamusFan.

SheamusFan: So you know what!? THAT'S NOT HAPPENING ANYMORE! Redemption is 2 WEEKS FROM TONIGHT! And in the next two weeks, including tonight, CPrice, if you lay a finger on CrimsonSkorpion... CrimsonSkorpion, if you lay a finger on CPrice... whichever way it happens, whoever lays a finger on one another WILL BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED FROM THIS COMPANY!

The fans boo as CPrice and CrimsonSkorpion start arguing with SheamusFan.

SheamusFan: That's all I have to say gentlemen, good luck in your match in two weeks at Redemption... here's a hint, keep all the fire and anger you have for one another for the HARDCORE MATCH in two weeks!

The fans give a mild pop as SheamusFan exits the ring and CPrice and CrimsonSkorpion watch him leave. Once SheamusFan walks behind the curtain, CrimsonSkorpion and CPrice stare face to face as they trash talk a little and the cameras fade to head to the first commercial...


The Revolution (AC and OmniSlash) vs. MoFro in a #1 contender Match for the HFWF Tag Team Championship

MoFro walks down the ramp, and boy, they are livid. Don't know why, don't really care, this beer is pretty good! Anyway, Fro slides in and Modo jumps over the ropes. They climb the turnbuckle and raise their arms, the regular schtick. Then the Revolution's music hits, and I toss my frosty at the ramp and BOO them until my throat went sore! I want them trampled! Some stupid new pyro of their's goes off, I don't care, not at all! The enter the ring, and the bell rings. AC and Fro are in the ring. AC goes for an early Flash Kick, but Fro ducks and russian legsweeps him. Keeping him down, he mounts him and throws his fists into his ugly face, yeah! That doesn't last long, 'cause AC pushes his shoulders away, and traps him in a triangle choke! His legs are wrapped around his neck, c'mon ref! 1, 2, 3- AC let's go. He lifts up Fro's leg, possibly for a knee slam, but Fro jumps up, and nails him in the back of the head with an enzugiri. AC falls out of the ring, and a commercial interrupts the match


AC and Fro are back in the ring, and Fro's not looking good. AC made a quick recovery from that kick to the head, and has Fro in the corner, and he's throwing spear after spear. Fro is winded and lies down, crawling to his partner, but AC stomps on the back of his head. Fro won't last any longer. AC lifts his opponent up, launches the Flash kick, but misses again! How ever so distressing! Fro nails him with an elbow, and leaps for Modo, tagging him in. Likewise, AC reaches for Omni, but the hulking figure of Modo soon has him in the sleeper. Ever the veteran, Ac rams Modo in the corner, and hits him with the knife-edge chop. He propels himself to Omni, and tags him in. Making haste, Omni jumps on the ropes, and is launched into Modo, who catches him and slams him into the ground. Omni look crushed, but AC sneaks in the DA FLASH KICK! Fro, taking notice, drops AC with a clothesline and kicks him away from the the ring. Modo still lies on the mat. Frantically, the ref tries to usher Fro out of the ring. Omni gets up, and Fro swings with a heavy right, but, in typical wrestling fashion, the ref takes the brunt of the blow. He flies across the ring and into the crowd, where his limp body lies lifeless. A distracted Fro soon gets nailed by the Canadian Snipe. Another ref is called out, running down the ramp. Modo slowly makes it to his feet, but is knocked down by a kick by Omni, and Omnivision is soon locked. Modo has no choice but to tap. The Revolution, crying whoops of joy, much to the disgust of the crowd (myself included), leave the ring and head to the back


We're back from commercial, and SF's music hits, welcomed to by a mixed reaction. He makes his way to the ring, with long, brushing strides, and stumbles into the ring. A mic is at his hand. The music ends.

SF: Let's hear it for ME!

The crowd, now decided on their responce, erupts in cheers.

SF: That's more like it! Now, I'm not one for making the simple, predictable decisions. I want to make the HFWF special. I think all of you are gonna like this.

The crowd, as usual, is confused.

SF: You see, I'm liking the ratingz HFWF bring in. So how about this for next week: StraightEdge vs. ColePens!

The crowd goes wild in excitement. Me? I would perfer a brandy at this moment, thank you very much.

SF: Holla!


Syn Shadow vs. Larping Heavily

I'm quite liking this Syn Shadow. He's got the look, the 'tude, and he's pretty good in-ring. I take one swing of beer, and the match is over. Larping Heavily lays in the centre of the ring, KO'd, and Syn Shadow stands victorious. No surprises there.


Jussi vs. NYGRYK in a #1 Contender Match for the HFWF 'Murrican Title

This should be a great one! Each of them enter the arena, and the bell rings. They lock up, and Jussi slaps his opponent across the face. Not a very smart move, I must say. In his rage, NYGRYK pounces on Jussi and showers him in punches. Not to be outdone, Jussi squirms away, clutching his nose, and boots NY in the face. Nothing complex about that. Both men lay on the mat, hiding their painful faces, until Jussi gets up, and him in an armbar. He puts him in a tight one, and NYGRYK cries in pain. Jussi lets go, and continues to work that arm, stomping twice on his elbow. NY is in a spot of trouble, if I do say so myself. However, he is smart enough to ascend the top rope. Did I say smart? Silly me. Jussi grabs him, and throws him across the ring. NYGRYK is winded. All Jussi needs to do is finish him. He bumps into the ref, and executes the Rutuu. The ref warns him to watch where he's walking, but he just cross checks Jussi. The gloves are off, Avery and Chara, quite the mismatch. Chara sends a few rights his way, and Avery is out. Blood spurts from his mouth, and Chara puts his skate on Avery's neck to finish him off. The scream is...Oh...wait. Must've dozed off. Darn beer! Anyway, NYGRYK is gaining control, but Jussi runs to the rope for the Jussi Rebound, but for once, NYGRYK uses his head, and ducks out of thr way, Jussi comes crashing down and bangs his head hard on the map. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an ameteur mistake, and a severe concussion. 1, 2, 3, and we have a contender for the 'Murrican Title.


Canadian Crippler vs. Icicle vs. Coado

The bell rings and the Crippler immdiately goes after Icicle, who implements Frostbite. Crippler falls to the ground, unconcious. It's a one on one match from here on out, and I don't like Coado's chances. Coado runs headfirst to Icicle, who merely trips him, and is sent to the corner. Icicle conducts his matches with such grace! Coado tries again, but Icicle cracks his head with the simple Karate chop. Coado goes down. 1, 2, 3. Icicle, concealing all emotion, picks up Coado. Coado is dazed, but raises a fist, ready to fight. He has heart! The kid has heart! Icicle smiles, and points at Coado. "...You...are...worthy...". The stage goes dark, and the Crippler and Icicle are nowhere to be seen. Coado is confused, searching for his new rival.


StraightEdge w/CPrice and TopShelf vs. CrimsonSkorpian w/ ColePens and RWO

The faction members are in the ring. I have a feeling this won't be a clean, civilized match. This will be a brawl. The bell rings, and CS pounces on SE, clobbering him with punches. SE turns the tide, and locks him in a camel clutch. CS gets up, and slams SE to the mat! SE, not to be winded just yet, hops up and delivers a dropkick, sending CS tumbling to the corner. He sprints with a clotheslend, but CS slides out of the way, leaving SE to collide with the turnbuckle. In obvious pain, SE turns around, and CS lands a chop! Another! Once more! SE's chest turns red! Another! CS goes for one more, but SE blocks it, and delivers his own chop! And another x3! Both of them bare crimson chests and pained expressions. CS kicks SE in the stomach, and plants a DDT. He goes for a cover, but is launched off at two. SE scrambles to his feet, and nails CS with a kick to the head. CS stumbles, and SE uses this time to drops him with a neck breaker. CS is down, and SE climbs the rope and lands a frog splash! CS kicks out of a cover, and sweeps SE's legs fluidly. CS springs up! He sets up EisenKreus-oh heck. I say this coming a long time back. CPrice and TopShelf enter the ring and drop CS like a sack of potatos. They stomp all over his body, right before ColePens and RWO enter. Now they're brawling! RWO an TopShelf, ColePens and SE, CS and CPrice! They're laying into each other! RWO clotheslines TopShelf out of the ring, landing headfirst on the outside! CPrice is kicked out of the ring by is arch-rival! The Champion is picks up by all three men, and is tossed into CPrice and TopShelf outside! CS, RWO and ColePens all mock and taunt the Revolution, who walk away, injured and defeated! What will happen next week? I'm so exicted, my beer is shaking! G'night everyone!

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