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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Seriously? You think Rod the Mod Williams is an answer at CB? He has been pathetic the entire year, last years playoff game against B.C and again this year. He is the weak link on defence. As for the coaching of the defence, how did you like all those blitzes we ran today, that put RR on his heals? I think the first one occured with about 4 minutes left in the first half with Munoz getting a sack. After the Argos had built up a 24-7 lead. As far as I'm concerned, the entire coaching staff on this team has to be fired after this debacle. That includes Nelson, whom I had some high hopes for, but I don't beleive he has a clue despite having some very good overall talent back there that do some nice things despite him.

As for the offence, I don't have enough space and time on here to list the changes needed at this time.
Seriously? Did i say anything about Rod Williams? As i said, there is a lot of turnover in football... Doesn't matter how good the defense was the year before it's almost always a certainty to see changes. I never said anything that indicated Williams couldn't be replaced, he's one guy not the whole defense. I said it early on in the year if the offense couldn't get it going the defense would be worn down by the end of the year, that IMO is the biggest reason for things like sloppy tackles. They spent a lot of time on the field. One game also doesn't define a team/unit. Like Reed or not when he came our defense improved substantially and been as good as could be expected. You people need to calm down a little and not be chanting for scorched earth immediatly having your hearts ripped out. Even an average offense (i.e. the one Ray would have in the least brought) would have seen the Eskies contend for a divison title. A good offense is paramount to the effectiveness and health of the defense. Like the play calls or not the defense hasn't been to blame for this season, we'd be the laughingstock of the league if it wasn't for our D. I think Reed trusted Crandall too much and if he can find a capable guy to run the offense the team should be able to contend for a Cup for sure. With Nicholls in house and Reilly as a Free Agent i think the Eskimos should be able to find somebody at least competent to play behind center.

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