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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Thanks for correction, forgot that Oates did that in Boston. Yes, that makes it even more impressive. It also only makes me more convinced that other players could have hit ~150 at least once, because I definitely believe there were better players as good or better than Oates & Lafontaine in their peaks/primes... and at least 10% better than Maruk... and 25% better point producers than Clarke, who spent much of his energy on defense & fighting and in the penalty box.
You realise that both Oates and Lafontaine both played 84 games that year right?
On an 80's 80 game sched, Lafontaine only has a 141 raw and an adjusted 113 point season and Oates only has a 135 raw and 110 points adjusted.

And of course it's not at all suspicious that both of these guys just happen to have a spike in their scoring in the same year while members of the same division.
Hmmm...I wonder if something changed in their division that year like say...the 398 goal allowing Senator's coming in that both of them piled up 14 points in 7 games each against.
It's not like the scoring of the existing 5 teams in the Adam's division didn't spike by a whopping 23% from 91/92 to 92/93 or anything.

Took me all of 3 seconds to figure that out by looking at the story the raw numbers were saying.
But hey, lets just look at the Adjusted stats numbers without any other context and conclude those seasons were worth 150 in the 80's despite that the reasons they even scored that much that year (4 extra games and 7 games to beat the crap out of the Sens) wouldn't have even been in the mix for them.

So tell me, at the end of the day, which information would you consider more valuable in gauging the actual worth of Oates and Patty's 92/93 seasons? The story Adjusted Stats is telling you or the story the raw data is telling you?
Do you think AS's is giving you an accurate "value" of their points that year?

And again, I'm not doing this to bash AS's. Just stop trying to use them as the be end all or base so much, if not all of your final answers on them so often.
They definitely have their place but it sure as hell is not always going to be at the front of the line.

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