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Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
The arrogance of this post makes it very obvious that the poster is not from, nor has he ever travelled extensively in the GTA.

1. There are 4 OHL teams in the GTA, two in the west (Mississauga, Brampton), one in the north (Barrie) and one in the east (Oshawa). Torontonians are not the primary target market for these teams, but are instead a secondary or tertiary target market. These teams are generally supported by there own cities/regions as Torontonians don't often travel to the suburbs/neighbouring cities.

2. Clearly you've never had to drive in the west-end of Toronto. Nobody in the right mind from outside of that area is going to drive in the backed up traffic for 45 minutes+ to watch junior hockey when there are two professional teams and a number of junior A teams located within the city.

3. Many Torontonians (especially those who live downtown) don't drive or own cars. They take public transit or ride bicycles to get to where they need to be and don't often need to leave the city.

4. OHL games are broadcasted on the local Rogers channel (show your local/closest team) and many Toronto hockey fans will watch this at home, at the bar or online.

5. Why on earth would Torontonians spend all of that time in traffic to specifically watch a Habs prospect? Mississauga and Oshawa (both have Toronto prospects) get very good attendance and a lot of people watch their games on TV.

6. There are a ton of other things that Torontonians have to do, sports-wise and just in general that are more convenient and entertaining than travelling to Brampton or Oshawa to watch junior hockey. NHL, AHL, NBA, CFL, MLS, NLL, etc. are all more attractive and convenient options than travelling so far out of the city.

I live in Burlington and I know all about the traffic....

1. There are 3 teams in the GTA and, you are right, the target market is the "hockey fan" that supposedly lives in the area where the team exists. The issue remains that the GTA is full of Leaf fans, not so much hockey fans. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that Leaf fans can not be enticed to attend a junior hockey game even if some of their best prospects are playing. If you really loved hockey, a little extra time in the car would be a small price to pay.

2. I drive regularly on the west side of the city and I "brave" the traffic to attend hockey games because I like hockey

3. Again, the focus is on the GTA as a market and there are plenty of individuals who have cars and don't necessarily live in a condo in downtown Toronto

4. The games are broadcast in every other Ontario-based OHL market as well, yet London still draws 9,000 fans per game, Kitchener 7,000, Ottawa 6,000.....

5. Watching Galchenyuk play was in reference to another poster who I'm told has a friend that is a big Habs fan, yet, this friend more than likely did not bother to go watch the teams' best prospect play the Battalion on a Sunday afternoon a mere 2 weeks ago.

Oshawa draws fine, but Mississauga most certainly does not....they draw terribly. Furthermore, both teams have Leaf 1st round draft picks on their rosters so you would think that there would be a nice spike in attendance due to Leafs' fans' interest in the teams' prospects.....but you don't.

Ok, so take the games off television and the rinks will be packed with all of the people that would have otherwise stayed that how it works??

6. That's fine, and I'm sure most Leaf fans do indulge in the variety that Toronto has to offer. However, I would argue that HOCKEY FANS would choose the hockey, especially when there is the opportunity to watch Steven Stamkos or Drew Doughty or Jeff Skinner or Patrick Kane.....

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