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11-12-2012, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Im talking about Q since we're comparing at the same age.

Crosby in the Q was very much pass first. Sure you can point out his GPG numbers but that is because he was so good at that age. He also had 102 assists though. Mackinnon, on the other hand, has more goals than assists.
Crosby wasn't a "pass first" guy, imo. He was just really good at it. As balanced as they come, imo. Even cracked the top 20 in shots taken in his rookie year in the NHL. Did a bit more passing when someone of Malkin's calibre joined the powerplay, and instead of puck carrying so much after coming back from '07/08, but guess what? 5th in the league and 51 goals the next year. The biggest/most obvious changes in his game since junior is his attention to detail playing without the puck, not what he does when he has it.

Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Drouin has a higher IQ than Nate, as well. Not a knock on Nate at all, Drouin plays an extremely smart game. Sidney at that age was just off the charts good. I remember watching him and I would be in complete "aw" at how he played. You just knew he was going to be something.

Nate = Hossa/Kovy
Drouin = Eberle/Giroux

Pick your poison.
While I don't think the comparisons at the bottom are necessarily far off at all, the bolded part cannot be stated as fact by any stretch. Different tools doing different things, and if anticipation, or "seeing the play happen before it does", tells us more than anything else about someone's "hockey I.Q.", then I submit that it's actually MacKinnon with the upper hand here.

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