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05-20-2006, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle
I opined last spring that the Habs already had enough undersized centers, and didn't need another. I am man enough to admit I may have been wrong.

It was my opinion at the time that the Habs should draft Marc Staal, but after the initial shock of hearing a goalie's name uttered by Timmins, I still justified the selection given the Habs' need for a potentially elite up-and-coming goalie.

I have defended the Price selection all season, and with aplomb and reason (I think), however I have to admit that every time I've had a chance to watch Gil Brule play this season, I have been impressed, and tonight, after not seeing him play for a couple of months, he has looked positively dominant. He has most certainly shaken off the rust from all of his inactivity, and I have to say I didn't realize just how explosive his skating is.

I am really starting to wonder whether the Habs may have missed out on a gem, a player with the potential to the the Habs best forward. He looks like a grittier, speedier Koivu with a much better shot. We don't have too many like that on the farm.

I still think Brule may have injury concerns in the NHL given his style and size, but it's not like Koivu hasn't, and most Hab fans don't regret the Habs selecting him. I'm pretty sure most also wouldn't mind having a harder hitting and shooting young prospect in the stable either. I said in the title, I sure hope Price is stellar (as I suspect he will be) , because I'm already certain that Brule is above average.
Though I'm sure Brule will be a good player, I think Karsums and Marchand were more dominant than him today. To be honest, I was a little dissapointed in him, I may have expected a lot, though was impressed with how easily he won most of his faceoffs, except the most important one, the last one with 13 seconds to go.

I must admit that I didn't want Brule too, my player was Kopitar based on my obsession of a tall and big centerman. But now, I kinda admit Brule most have been the BPA, just hope Price will have a better upcoming year....

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