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11-12-2012, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
It worked for them when they won 5 golds in a row, thats probably why they like it so much. You think if they brought some younger players that that meltdown doesnt happen last year? I doubt it because 9 times out of 10, the older players have the more mature defensive game and are more accustomed to playing in high stakes games.

As for it not scaring anyone, youve got to be kidding me. European juniors especially curl up and wilt away when the Canadians up their physical play. I know plenty of tough guys in the OHL were acared lining up with Zack Kassian in the OHL, you dont think a small European is intimidated by a guy like that? Youre dreaming if you do
It may intimidate some of the lesser lites, but none of the big boys i.e. the Finns, Russians, Swedes... forget it, they're not scared or intimidated by Canada's physical's just another in game tactic which they can game plan for and make adjustments especially on Euro ice.... What worked 5 times in a row doesn't work anymore especially since 7-9 players are sticking in the NHL year after year. And we are not selecting teams correctly to compensate for that....This year could be different since there's a lets see what happens.
And just to point out to you, Canadians generally speaking are further ahead on the hockey developmental curve than our European counterparts.... why do you think at the U17 championships we can split our teams into 5 regions and all 5 compete. Ontario and West/BC can dominate those tournaments? a 17 year old undrafted Canadian is as physically mature and prepared to handle the pressures of an IIHF WJC....This I have no doubt... but of course many Canadians still buy in to HC's spin.

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