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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
While the distances from Toronto may be approximately similar, the directions are different. The rapid growth in the Peel and Halton regional municipalities has allowed for a continuous urban agglomeration between Toronto and Hamilton. It has offered greater opportunity for integration into the GTA.

Ultimately, Hamilton is a lot like other rust-belt cities. It is similar to Buffalo and Cleveland. By having greater integration with the GTA, even if it is just the western portions of the GTA, it has greater possibility for economic rejuvenation. The steel mills will not carry Hamilton into modernity when it comes to the economy. Just like GM will not carry Oshawa into modernity.

KW is in a different direction, and while there are towns on the way from Mississauga to KW, there is no continuous urban agglomeration like the one forming between the GTA and Hamilton. As a result, KW is seen as being more independent of the GTA. Obviously, it still benefits tremendously from being in the greater Golden Horseshoe region, which is anchored by Toronto. But no municipal councilors speak of a GTKWA; they speak of a GTHA, because of the slightly closer proximity but especially because of the urban growth areas that have formed in between Toronto and Hamilton.

Also, economically, KW is trying to become an innovation economy. It is internationally recognized as an important economic cluster. The government, the universities, start-up companies, and established technology companies have based themselves there. By establishing themselves in the same region, they have a synergistic effect on one another. Overall, the Canadian economy is lacking when it comes to having a modern, innovation-focused economy -- there's a greater focus on natural resources and manufacturing. But KW, along with Toronto and Ottawa, are bright spots in that regard within Ontario.
Uh huh..
Hamilton can't win.. As it reinvents itself, Toronto will still claim credit right?

Bright spots in mfg and natural resources you say, but Hamiltons not?

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