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11-12-2012, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by DanielEtvs View Post
I just sent another email off to my rep. im sure it wont matter but its all we can do to at least raise our voice and let them know we are ...displeased? haha.

Hi #$%&$,

It is past being within "10 days of the last day of the month". I am sure you are being deluged with questions on this. I would be remiss not to add my own, which echo the same sentiments I have heard from many STH's. The way these refunds... or lack thereof really heretofore... have been handled is terrible. There really is no definitive communication, deadlines, no clarity on anything. It seems like the organization is nickel and diming us. I think when it comes to peoples money it crosses a line. I love the team and the product and have been willing to pay increasing prices every year since I've had the tickets, I just don't understand why it should, would, or could take this long to get ANY refund. Especially when the first preseason game that I paid $55 a ticket for was on September 29. I don't want a phone call or anything, I just want to know what is going on with refunding of season ticket holders money for games missed. One of the options guaranteed our prices be locked in for next year (the one I did not take), but I guarantee if prices ARE raised many many people will cancel their tickets. I dont know how the official hierarchy works in the Bruins organization vis a vis fan relations, but feel free to forward my email up the chain as I am certain it represents the general pulse of the fanbase -- even among the die-hards (i AM one!). thanks

Daniel *$%#$%
Rather classy man... I purposefully don't want to contact anyone there because i might just snap on my rep and flip out. I know its not her fault but the communication has been lacking. I picked option 2 as well (i sound like a broken record i'm sure) and me any my buddy picked it thinking it would be good for this season if its shortened and good for next season as well if we decided to renew. Right now me and him don't wanna renew because we're going to sell a good amount of the tickets. With the market probabley going down after this season I don't see a point. Will have to see how this season or lack thereof ends up.

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