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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
No, it's not like that now. For instance, Luongo drops from 10 mil in his first year to 1 mil in his last years. What I suggested would mean with a first year of 10 then the lowest it can go is 5 after that.

That circumvention is easily avoided by saying the first year must be the most expensive. of the contract, after that year following years can't exceed it.
It's much easier just to say that every year must be within X% of Year 1. Or every year must be equal to YEAR 1. 50% of year 1 won't really eliminate circumvention because you'll see the big money in the middle years then.

If you have to stay within say 25% of year 1 and say year 1 a player had a 6M salary then the most you could give in any year would range between 7.5 and 4.5. If year 1 was 10M then you could give between 12.5 and 7.5M. This will give large market teams some flexibility to front load, but not circumvent the cap.

I think what could really deter the long-term contracts is having them on the cap for the life of the deal (except for LTIR). They should remove the option to bury contracts in the minors or limit it to a certain $ or % amount of the contract.

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