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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Clearly you did not understand my post.

I don't care why they're doing this, I really don't. What I said was annoying is them pretending to care about the fans. Because we do hear them talk about the fans often during the year right, or did you forget this? ''We love the fans'', ''it's all about the fans'', blablabla...So enough of this BS of them actually caring for the fans.

Of course they're doing it for the money and they have every right to fight for it, but don't turn around to say you care about the fans after when you take weeks before scheduling meetings and possibly have yet another lost season.
This rant is not all about you, so don't go all flame on me OK? Please?

Christ. Really. Boo Hoo. It's about good form, a fact of our lives every single minute of the day. What are the players supposed to say. 'I don't care about the fans, they can **** off'?

Of course they don't mean it when they mention the fans. Wow. How terrible. I hear people say things they don't mean all day long. It's called good form.

Jeezus. And not you, but to all those who really care that NHL players don't care about us? Really? Does this surprise you? They would play the game with no one in the stands. This is what they do. They just make much more money because we are there. We are peeping toms on their talent. We are not clients, we are fans. Understand the difference.

I don't give two ***** about NHL players either, except when they're on the ice, playing for or against the Habs. Otherwise they don't exist for me and I have no interest in their personal lives or their salaries. None. And they have no business in my personal life either by the way, or any business commenting on my salary. I return the same respect and distance to them.

It's a transaction. NHL players play for my pleasure, and I pay their salary. It's how the world works, and half the madness we have today is because people cross boundaries and don't understand this non personal relationship.

People who actually think that players must respect fans is a valid idea, or complain about the players' salaries, and say firemen or policeman or more brave and deserving, when there are only 700 NHL caliber players in the entire world, each year, are idiotic.

Of course police and firemen are brave and important, but they are not in the same public relationship with us, at all, in no way.

I just give up. EMO stupidity during this lockout from fans beyond belief. And the owners are taking advantage of it. Anyone who sides with the owners in this is a mug. Really. That's been my position from the start, and I believe it more every day.

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