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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
The most annoying part is that everyone around here (Canada) eats this propaganda and spews it at you like they are actually informed. When I bump into people who talk hockey I tell them I don't mind the lockout because I watch OV/Kovy in the KHL....Then they usually respond by spitting some stupid thing they read or heard about the KHL from some junk reporter. I usually just laugh and not even bother arguing (to hide the inner KHL super nerd that exists in me)... But yeah, super annoying, even guys who played in the OHL and pros that I know are ignorant about it.

ps For this reason it is good to have Osdachenko shine light in English to the North American audience about the KHL, so their general perceptions will change. He will counter opinions presented from junk repoters from the Toronto Sun ect. who just like to stir up controversy. Using Dangle isn't a bad idea either because so many leaf fans will eat up whatever he has to say (Leafs fans are perceived as the dumbest hockey fans in the world!).
Very true, I just ignore and pretend like I don't know anything about hockey. It's impossible to have a reasonable discussion with a typical Canadian hockey fan either because of insane arrogance, their lack of knowledge about anything outside NHL, or because it's inconceivable to them that something GOOD can exist outside NHL.

When you throw in facts, you can see the kettle boiling and the steam coming out, because there's too much conflicting information and it's just not worth it. It's true what they say, hockey is like a religion in Canada- and openly disagreeing with it has similar consequences.

You've seen the responses that Dangle and Osadchenko get on Twitter re KHL? "Commie ********"
I don't know if it's funny or downright stupid, but it's quiet extreme.

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