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11-12-2012, 08:07 AM
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Not surprising, and IMO probably means the "outrageous" demands we've heard from the NHLPA have been more like "look Gary, we agree on a lot of the economic stuff, but if you expect us to accept these contract rules as is, then our stance on the economic stuff is going to change to this", not that the NHLPA just wildly decided to ask for the moon when they were close on economic stuff

Each part doesn't happen in a's all related, and the NHLPA wants a gain on the owners side to be offset by a gain somewhere else by the players

edit: it's also pretty funny that if you took some kind of poll before the lockout started, most people would have probably been saying that a split more like 52 or 53% for the players would have been fair and should get the job done. Now suddenly 50-50 is fair and the players are lucky to even be getting that because they should be grateful to be playing hockey. Just goes to show how little people care about fair bargaining when it impacts their hobbies, and to a larger extent, how much this country doesn't give a **** about things like unions and workers rights

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