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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post

And just so you have an idea, I don't think growth in non-traditional is out of the question. The US now leads Canada in amateurs enrolled in hockey. It wasn't close 2 decades ago. Texas, Tennessee and California are sprouting rinks even in a down economy. In looking at the electoral votes in the last election, I recognized the population shifts from decades ago. California has far surpassed Canada in total population. The league has gone to the high growth areas just going by the shift in the electoral map. It isn't magic and a lot of migration has come from the northeast and northern midwest which is THE hockey hotbed of the US. In a sense, the league is gambling on the attraction to hockey but it does take decades and the seeds are there.
No one denies thatmdemographics change but you are buying into the same fairy tale that largely got us into this mess, the notion that population density translates into untapped markets. In some cases this might be true, in many others it is not. And when this fact is repeatedly proven, the fans from these failing markets simply ask for more time becuase of the existing untapped potential. The question is never asked, how have these teams exploited these markets to make team growth better ? i dont think that florida and phoenix will ever have the same market as mtl or toronto, but I do think that if they have made zero or minimal progress in their own markets, that questions. Have to be asked. " becuase we are in a non traditional market" cant be the answer for ever liability.

If teams think that a sustainable model can be based on snow birds and expats, then they deseserve their fates. If they are struggling to fil their houses they should partner with the airlines and have subsidised fares from have cities, where people have demo strated a willingness to pay premium prices.
But then again a bunch of one timers who got in becuase thry bought a case of cup a soup looks so muck better than hordes of invading fans that are passionate about the game.

Im a canadian living in the states, I have no doubts that there are markets in the us that are are passionate and supportive as any canadian markets. I am as sure of this as I am that there are no worse marketsmin canada that some of the markets in the us.

I understand the short term benefits of RS, I am not an extremist, but I think that there has to be some reasonable middle ground, help the teams that need it but propping up teams forever when they are unwilling or incapable of helping themselves is lunancy. Instead of having RS requirements based on things like salaries and markets, incorporate additional metrics that demonstrate by some measure that the previous rs helped.

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