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11-12-2012, 08:19 AM
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***A cameraman is seen walking into a Golds gym. He finally approaches a man in cutoff jeans and a Montreal Canadiens muscle shirt. The cameraman introduces himself and begins setting up his equipment. The man he's about to speak with puts down his weights and begins to speak.***

(Coado) Better late then never you camera holding grease ball. I wanted you to come down here today because I need to get something off my chest, I got caught off guard with Icicles little karate move he pulled out on me. A chop to the head? Who are you Tatanka? I thought I came here to wrestle not have a match with Daniel son.

You're the last person I want to be associated with so don't ever pick me off the ground again. I have enough pride that I can go to the back and work on my mistakes and come back out here again and be better then I was before. So I think we should do this again one on one, the Icicle verses Moi. Think about it because I'll be working my butt off like usual ready for anything.. Even your stupid Karate chops this time. So let me know if you have the ice cubes and want to do this because I'll be waiting for your answer. This isn't over.

***Coado tells the cameraman to take the footage back to the HFWF headquarters right away, and then continues his workout.***

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