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11-12-2012, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... honestly Ps, I have no problem with public money funding arenas' & stadiums (50/50, 60/40, 80/20, heck, even 100%; Id vote for that), its all the "extra stuff", commercial, residential, retail, parking garages etc etc etc followed by on-going subsidies that I have a problem with. Ellman, Wang, Katz and many more get greedy, expecting local & or provincial/state authorities to pay the freight, cover any possible losses in perpetuity.

... without wanting to derail the thread powerstruck, in Quebec's case, absolutely no way someone from outside & off-market comes rolling into town supplanting & usurping PKP & Quebecor. Insane to even think about it. But Seattle? I think your well off the mark on that one.

Indeed, in so far as Conspiracy Theories go Greg Jamison finding himself as titular head of a team in transition, returning to his old stomping grounds of the Westcoast backed by Levin and whomever else is beyond plausible. Hansen could be in at the minority level, maybe not at all. I dont know for sure, no ones talking, but there are just too many coincidences, historically & otherwise that breathes life into such a possibility. Not so "far out there" as some suggest.

Moving a 2nd team to a smaller Canadian market in as many years? Dont think the NHL's really big on that one; Jamisons' meanderings in Arizona, always striking me as "odd". Everything about it & him actually. As crazy it might appear on the surface, shifting a desperate franchise to Key Arena temporarily in what is effectively a brand newish market (though the WHL does extremely well) just based on the players involved, I cant help but suspect Washington State is where this franchise winds up. Quebec & Southern Ontario 2 added in 2015 through Expansion. I realize of course that such a suggestion angers many in QC, not to mention the Coyotes fans in Arizona, but if you take everything into consideration, look at it through the eyes of the NHL, the theory makes sense.
The NHL would always be secondary in the Seattle market. The goal is to get an NBA team first and then look at the NHL as a minor tenant alongside an NBA team. Sure... Quebec is a small market but (like Winnipeg) the owner of the team would also own the arena and glean all accompanying revenue from the new facility. Not saying the NHL wouldn't work in Seattle but if you want a "slam dunk" market (pardon the pun)..... Quebec is the place to go.

The attractiveness of Quebec could lead the NHL to think they could reap massive expansive fees from PKP but whose to say PKP would go that route. But... this IS the NHL.... a league where things are done that more often than not... defy logic.

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