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11-12-2012, 08:27 AM
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I definetly think that Cole and Desharnais should be playing together. Their weaknesses and strenghts are simply so complimentary, it would be a disservice to separate them.

Cole has the energy and speed to cross the neutral zone like the Flash. The man has amazing acceleration and top speed. He knows how to receive a pass while accelerating, and use his speed to overcome the defensement on the outside.

Desharnais is a good puck-stealer. Agile hands in puck battles, and quite the sneak in passing lanes. He also just feels when Cole is already firing up and usually connect passes very effectively.

Cole being so fast forces the other Ds to either be very deep in our zone to prevent passing lanes to Cole, or not being deep as all to have the mobility to stop him. Either way, this creates opportunities to Desharnais.

Plekanek is kind of a mixed bag between the two. He is fast, and intelligent in his passing lane interception. He usually doesn't need somebody to pass to puck to, he is fast and energetic enough to do it by himself. What he needs is someone to pick up fast after him to open up side-passing on the breakaway or rebound recovering. Patch is well suited for that role, IHMO. But Gionta is usually also very skilled for that role.

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