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11-12-2012, 08:53 AM
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Maybe I am way off base here, but if they are "close" on the 50/50 thing, does it make much difference from a player perspective what the contract lengths are?

We are really just talking about how the dollars get allocated.
So if a UFA can only sign a 5 year contract instead of 10, that means on the back end some other player will be earning money.

i.e. if the Rangers had only been able to sign richards to a 5 year deal, somebody else would earn more money when that deal expired that would not have otherwise.

Don't get me worng, I think the 5% rule would solve most of the owners issues, but from a player perspective, we know the owners are going to hand out the contracts regardless of the system, so do all these issues have a huge impact?

Maybe I am oversimplifying.

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