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11-12-2012, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by SUBdrewgANS View Post
has anyone heard from San Jose? I see him online on XBL all the time but hasn't responded to my messages there or on here.. hopefully I'll hear back from him because he doesn't have his CPU enabled.

Fuss if those of us who have to play him dont hear back from him today can you boot him so we can play the CPU?

also as far as enabling CPU.. do you think there should possibly be a seniority or reward system to go with this.. for instance those of us who get our games in every block and have no trouble scheduling games with our opponents have the option of enabling it or not?

For example, this would eliminate this scenario from happening
I am online a lot for the first 2 days of the block, but my opponent isn't.. and my opponents jumps on the last day of the block and in a window when I so happen to not be on and plays my CPU.
I don't get rewarded for being available and attempting to schedule my games, but my opponent would because he signed on at the right moment I wasn't.

Now this hasn't actually happened to me, but I could see that scenario annoying some people if it came about. The reward would be if you get your games in on consistant basis you would be able to play the CPU.. and if you were on the same block who also shared this reward for doing so.. you wouldn't have the problem of running into games not being played if both those members are good about scheduling and getting their games in.

Just a thought. Though it may bring more work to the commissioner to keep track of those things.
i also have to play him and havent heard from him, PM'd him yesterday and sent him message on xbox

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