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05-20-2006, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by beowulf
Sorry bubba but I can arrest you. I work as a border service officer at Trudeau airport in Montreal and if you are caught with it you can be arrested, no matter the amount you have with you. If you are a visitor with a small amout we usually do not arrest but send them home. And as for the cops they can arrest you as two people in their early 20s where arrested last week in Ste Anne de Belle vu. The guy had a joint in his pocket and the girl had a small amount in a baggie in her wallet or something like that.
I believe you are referring to a misdemeanor. Tell you what if I catch you jay walking, I'll slap a citizen's arrest on you so fast you're head'll spin.

Admit it,you thought he had an arrest record and he doesn't. Of all the crimes we hear of involving athletes, choosing to focus and smoking pot, a pastime I'm sure is shared by many of the people writing these laws ? c'mon beowulf, keep the indignation for a bad guy.

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