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11-12-2012, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by FeedDaPuck View Post
I merely restated his agent's opinion. (As for Zine commenting on Larionov's "vested" interest - when do you think Larry makes more $: when Yak is getting $150K in the AHL or 65% of his 2.2mill in the KHL along with bonuses???). Plus knowing that his "vested" interest is constantly being trampled by him bringing the kids overseas to play for peanuts instead of signing them there to guaranteed money - I think he deserves an apology from you )

I have NEVER watched Zharkov play for the Colts He does not play for Barry - he plays for Belleville (that would be the Bulls). While Yak IS putting up the points, his DEFENSIVE game has dropped quite a bit from his days in Sarnia (and yes, I have watched a number of his games live - both in Sarnia and in the KHL).

Again, my post was not designed to troll or to offend. I do think that Zharkov progressed quite a bit since last year. I do think that Yak HAS naturally progressed in his offensive game but has digressed in his defensive game. Both of the kids are clearly displaying that they have worked hard this past summer - Zharkie put on at least 10 lbs of muscle and same goes for Yak, but their respective games are not being developed in a right way. (Again, I think Yak is talented enough to speed up his development when he gets here, but not without some growing pains. Zharkov on the other hand - I do feel that he can jump in on your 3rd or 4th line already. His negatives that everyone has been talking about at draft time - he seems to have addressed majority of them (defensive awareness, physicality, etc.). His streakiness - is what he needs to take care of now.
So let me get this straight, Yak's defensive game has dropped quite a bit- can you please be more specific? Did you just say Zharkov is nhl ready, and we can slot him into a third or fourth line asap?

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