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11-12-2012, 09:22 AM
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I keep reading about "fairness". It's a theme that has spread throughout the land.

I hate that word. Who is the judge of what's fair or not? Those in the majority dictating to the minority? I guess?

If left to me I believe the business owners deserve 60 percent of the revenues. That's fair. I would like to see the owners control their spending on salaries so their costs will be put back under control and we wouldn't be seeing these lockouts. If the owners were truly successful in paying the players based on true costs of running teams (rather than egotistical desires to win) we probably would be seeing player strikes right now and screams from the PA that the owners aren't paying fair salaries. We would be seeing lawsuits against the owners for collusion.

The problem.. is who am I to decide what's fair? I believe that's between two warring parties.

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