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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
How about Markus Naslund? He is arguably the best player in the world in 2003 or 2004. I wouldn't induct him in there.
I agree simply being the ebst player in the world at any point isn't an automatic induction but it sure should count for quite a bit IMO.

Also let's look at Lindros' playoff portfolio as well. People forget just how Dionnesque it was. You've got 1997 as a good year - until the egg he laid in the final. Other than that each postseason was a playoff that he could have done much more. Overall he has 57 points in 53 games.
Now you are either being disingenuous or a bit ignorant here.

Take aside the fact that he always could have done more, he did lead the entire NHL in playoff scoring in 97, final aside, so let's skip the Dionne playoff comps.

As well 57 in 53 during his time in the NHL playoffs ( 95-07 span) which includes his last 5 games when he was beyond done and playing less than 10MPG puts him 5th in Playoff PPG (minumum of 35 games over that time period)

You can argue that he could have been better but he was no Dionne in the playoffs-period.

He was 18th in scoring in the NHL. He had 73 points and his team wasn't close to making the postseason. I don't think it is a year to brag about too much. He was clearly a shadow of his former self at that time. In the Olympics he had one point (a goal against Belarus). He was more or less a passenger on that Olympic team, at best. That is my opinion of 2002, you saw Lindros in a different light and realized just how far he had dropped.
Once again 18th in scoring in a 30 team league is pretty darn good and as you rightly say he had dropped quite a bit but that was just one of his excellent seasons and now one of his 4 great or elite ones.

His 73 points in 72 games were only 4 players scored more than 80 points also tells us how close he was to the elite that year instead of your description.

As for that 02 NYR team not making the playoffs, look at it's makeup and tell me that Lindros was really the problem there.

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