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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well, except the rules for the draft haven't changed at all. No one has pulled that "Lindros" trick since.

The big issue is how it followed Lindros his whole career. The Philly situation was just the final nail in the coffin. I agree Clarke is a jerk, but the comments he continually made about Lindros during that holdout has to hold some water. They can't all be inaccurate. Lindros was 27 at this time. He was not 18 anymore and his parents continued to meddle in his affairs.

That would matter a lot less if he had a better career. Yeah he was dominant - when he played. That's the key there, something always had to give with Lindros. He was so careless on the ice that he hurt his team by being out all the time. I am sure most of us can agree the things he did after the year 2000 - when he was 27 - are miniscule. Basically you are judging a player for what he did up until the age of 27. There aren't a lot of players in NHL history who would have gotten into the HHOF playing only until 27.

And what does he do in that time? He has many injury plagued seasons. Honestly, in the grand scheme of things he might have a maximum of 4 elite seasons. No more. Those would be 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1999. All years but 1995 he missed some time as well, and these were his BEST years.

The other years are 1993 (rookie and far behind the NHL elite), 1997 (missed too much time and had a terrible Cup final), 1998 (again, missed to much time and didn't win a Gold medal) and 2000 (missed almost 30 games).

It isn't as if he was Mario Lemieux and could win a scoring title by playing 60 games. Or Jagr for that matter. Jagr won a scoring title in 2000 by playing 63 games. Lindros played that many games in 1998 and had 71 points.

He was his own worst enemy on and off the ice and this is why he's still waiting to get in. I can make a case for him to get inducted and to be left out because to be honest there are strong cases to be made on either side.
lindros is a hero, like spartacus. he fought for the freedoms later enjoyed by yashin, heatley, comrie, pronger, bure, and berard. extra points for being a pioneer, that courageous soul.

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