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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
It would be a terrible return. Without a doubt. Here are the reasons:

- A lot of Canucks fans do not view Lu's contract as an albatross. Instead, they view it as the cap circumvention deal it was meant to be -- A deal that flaunts cap rules to give its team an unfair advantage. To many, it is excellent.

- I'm betting Gillis views Lu's deal as the same. He should know, he offered it.

- What's better? Taking on a short term albatross or having to take on no cap dump at all? If there's a chance _any_ team picks up Luongo on waivers, it will be tried before Komisarek/Connolly are touched.

Lastly, in a league "dominated by cap management", Gillis has been at the forefront of signing his players to efficient contracts. Lu's may be the best of all, especially if they aren't allowing BDCs anymore... It's clear you and I have very different viewpoints on what constitutes and "albatross".
I have a serious question for you about the "value" Lou's contract is. If, note I said if, Bettman gets his way and those "cap friendly" long term deals are now the exact hit for the entire contract regardless of retirement during the phantom years, still a good contract? Espacially if that hit is only to the team that signed the player to the deal, as lets face it there is more then just Lou's out there like that. This is not a shot at Lou, just a serious question about these type of deals.

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