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Originally Posted by mschmidt64 View Post
^ Not only that................ but you think the non-star players would revolt. Only the Sidney Crosbys, Brad Richards, and Ilya Bryzgalovs get the really really long deals. What are they, like 2% of the league?

The vast majority of players get much shorter deals. If I was Mike Rupp I'd be pissed the Union is drawing a line in the sand to protect the top 2% of player earners and not the low-end guy who actually IS gonna have to get a job after he retires from hockey.
I agree.
Shorter contract lengths would help guys like Mike Rupp who would only earn 2-3 year contracts anyway.
To your point, more Mike rupp's in the league than guys capable of signing a 10 year deal.
The whole conept of 50/50 split linked to revenue is the players will get paid their share. All the issues around contracting really impact competitive balance and the manner in which teams put together their roster and manage the cap.
Players don't care about that.

If they are really as close as has been portrayed on the HRR and make whole, I cannot see these issues de-railing a deal for reasons stated.

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