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11-12-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
mrs. terwilliger was a sports knownothing when we first started dating. our first time through tough red sox times was the 2005 postseason where i was depressed and angry afterwards. she took to watching the games with me and learning that it's more than a final score, she learned about the intricacies of matchups and leverage and all that fun stuff. i taught her most of what i know, the only bit i haven't taught her is because she's not really one for math lol.
I have been with my girlfriend for just about 9 months and luckily she is a Bruins, and Pats fan and enjoys watching both sports. She hates baseball, and I'll never get her to come around to it, but I did manage to get her to fall in love with the Celtics because of the playoff run last year. It is a great thing to have a girlfriend that doesn't get mad if you'd rather stay home and watch a game with her than go out to dinner.

While she doesn't get nearly as emotionally involved as I do she atleast understands why I do and that made the Superbowl and both the Bruins and Celtics game 7's much easier to deal with because I didn't have to hide how upset I was.

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