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11-12-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
I have a serious question for you about the "value" Lou's contract is. If, note I said if, Bettman gets his way and those "cap friendly" long term deals are now the exact hit for the entire contract regardless of retirement during the phantom years, still a good contract? Espacially if that hit is only to the team that signed the player to the deal, as lets face it there is more then just Lou's out there like that. This is not a shot at Lou, just a serious question about these type of deals.

I think the best Bettman can hope for is to close the door on future BDCs. The existing ones will be grandfathered in.

These deals were approved on Bettman's watch. Where teams went through league offices, sometimes asking for advice, before they were ratified. What's he going to say now? That he was wrong for first approving them?

Your hypothetical is so implausible so as to not have relevance. Teams that have signed players to these deals will oppose the ruling. It's a negotiating ploy. Most of these teams are the rich ones that line Gary's pockets. IMO, he's trying to close the door, not punish those that have already walked through.

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