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11-12-2012, 09:43 AM
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OK, a day later and I'm still angry at this. Kyle Koch disgusts me. Watching him hover over Nichols as he lay writhing on the field all that was going on in my mind is the two guys that came free on the play(which happened countless times in the game) came through on either side of Koch. Koch, on the play, is busy looking one way, not taking that man, and looking the other, and not taking that man. All he did on the play was snap the ball and swivel his thick neck. He's a slow unmotivated **** that does nothing game after game but suck but is the type of guy who in the dressing room says all the right things.
Things like today: "If you're not buying in its time to get out" with Kyle apparently believing himself that he's buying in and contributing anything of value. This being a guy who looks slow, old, useless out there and is only 27yrs old. A guy that sailed a snap nearly by Josephs head on the first drive of the game. Miraculously Joseph had the presence of mind to tip it up and haul it in and it didn't end up in our endzone. This is what Kyle Koch gives you on the second snap of the game. When you're not digging the snap out of the dirt.

That Kavis Reed can't evaluate a guy like Koch is symbolic of the mismanagement of this team. Lots of other examples like that where one guy starts instead of another but its one that keeps coming back to me.

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