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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
I've never actually thought of it that way before haha. Are their any benefits to it besides "We are HUMANITY, we walked on Mars!"?
There are a couple reasons.

First, the tangibles.... simple fact is that spending money on the space program, specifically on massive endeavors like the Apollo Program and any mission to go to Mars, rapidly accelerates technological development beyond the normal rate. Ranging from simple powdered drinks and pens that can write upside down to major advancements in telecommunications, robotics, and computer technologies, these are all tangible results that arise from increased funding to such programs, and Mars would likely be no exception.

Second, there are the intangibles. What was the value of the manned missions to the moon, really? Or of the images we've obtained from the Hubble telescope? Who knows how many countless of people were inspired by seeing Neil Armstrong walk on the moon or from some of the breathtaking images that Hubble's produced? This is impossible to know, but one has to imagine that they've helped inspire two generations of scientists and thinkers and mathematicians and engineers and philosophers and who knows who else. Who knows what next great thinker would be inspired by seeing humans on the red planet, or at some point in the hopefully near future that there are permanent colonies on the moon and Mars and that while we're all human, we'll also be talking about how we are Terrans and Lunarians and Martians as well and what impact that could have on our species' psyche, knowing that there are people who were conceived, born, raised, and eventually died without ever stepping foot on Earth.

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