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11-12-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
What a punch to the ****ing gut. Microcosim of the last 12 years. So TJ Graham ran the wrong route? Wonderful. Now I see why hes not in much. They should have done a screen. Thats the only thing I would have liked to have seen different there. I still don't know why Jones ball was not a catch or even looked at. The 2 injuries...could the last 12 years not be summed up any easier? Both timeouts lost to injury. I hate that rule, needs modification. Jackson was clearly lost. It has a purpose but he wasn't faking. In a way though I thought these were great breaks. You didn't wanna give old man Brady any time. Thats why I am for a screen play. On the flip side if Jones catches it they can run.

I expected NE to win simply by outclassing the Bills. Fitzy outplayed Brady today(Que the INT and Fumble, neither were his fault) The Bills offense came to play. Only the refs came to suck. Its one thing to simply have a bad call but come on uncatchable is an EASY call. Can't catch a ball out of bounds. Both turned into TDs. The defense once again was atrocious. I will give them a kudos for that late goal line stand. Never thought that would happen. Brady didn't play that good today but they FOUND ways to help him. All the penalties hurt.

Two of the last three games Fitz played good enough to win easily. This team could and should be 5-4. Except the D is a JOKE. All the hardships this terrible D had been through they could have been in a FIRST PLACE TIE. This may work out to our advantage though. Gailey may get a pink slip soon. Which leads me to my diagnosis. The way I view this team...the offense AND YES Fitzpatrick are not the problem and are fine. The problem is EVERYTHING ELSE. The Defense, the Cordinators, the coach, the GM, the CEO and the owner. If this team could play the "D" that analysts kept yacking about they could have been a contender. You give Fitz a stellar D I think this team could be great even with him at the helm. Is he elite? No. But he's not teBow or Sanchez for crying out loud...he does have some ability. There are a lot worse QBs. Hes about middle of the pack. 15 or 16 best.
Don't tell this to jerry sullivan. he's placing pretty much all the blame for the loss on fitz in his article today. idiot. when your qb outplays tom brady for most of the game, you should win. not his fault the defense can't do anything and the refs made a bunch of dubious calls.

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