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11-12-2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
I dunno about you guys but i wouldn't be ordering food from a place you go to drink/dance. Go to a pub or restaurant if you want food. Go to a club if you want to dance.
It wasn't me.

I would never order a steak at a bar. I share your view on that. But it doesn't matter. Service at Mercer is the *****. Expect to get your own beer. The tarty wait staff take one look at you, decide if they want to seat you in a reasonable seat or off to a corner somewhere, and whether or not they intend to even walk up to your table and take an order.

Go there, no joke, the service is astronomically bad. Bunch of nellies that don't give a rats ass about serving any tables but that think they look good in a skirt and are waiting on Mr Right.

I have no idea how these people were hired to actually serve customers. This being the kind of thing you get when you've never managed service staff before. People not even knowing what qualities to look for.

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